Pa. woman faces double tragedy in CO poisoning

PHILADELPHIA - November 9, 2012

A mother shares her heartbreaking story with Action News hoping that it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Seven year old Amber Hardy was a vibrant and energetic girl.

"She doesn't talk, she doesn't walk. She can't do anything she would normally or used to be able to do," said Jeana Eisenhauer.

Ember's mother, Jeana Eisenhauer says Ember has brain damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

It happened October 30th after Hurricane Sandy knocked out their power. They used a portable generator.

It was outside. Jeana said her father turned it off and brought it into the garage. Shortly after, Jeana found her father and her little girl in the garage passed out.

Her father didn't make it. She's hoping for a miracle for Ember.

Dr. Fred Henretig with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia says carbon monoxide poisoning has become a public health emergency.

"Many of these are due to improper use of generators, so that is an area that we feel particular keen on getting the message out," said Dr. Fred Henretig.

"I don't want anybody else to go through this, and I really want my daughter back all the way," said Jeana.

Jeana says she wants to see stronger warnings and better instructions on portable generators.

Dr. Henretig agrees. He also reminds everyone that if you are going to use a portable generator, it should be outside and at least 25 feet from the house.

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