Meet Mr. Food's biggest Philly fan


In Northeast Philadelphia, Shirley Callahan rushes home from church week-by-week to catch him.

"For seniors, I can make a meal and stretch it for three or four days. It doesn't cost that much and the food is very good," said Shirley.

Action News told his producers how often Shirley writes in for recipes, just about every time one's offered.

The producers responded by sending her an autographed copy of his latest cookbook.

"The mailman came and said he had a package for me. I asked what I sent for. When it came I looked and thought, 'Where is the bill?' I didn't realize until I opened the cover that it was signed and it was a book for me," said Shirley.

Shirley whipped up Art's Steak Parmesan from the book. She and her future son-in-law both gave it an "A".

Shirley also tried the Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe she wrote in for - easy, fast, and no baking necessary.

There's even another Mr. Food fan simmering in the Callahan family.

"My grandson loves to help me cook. Mr. Food's saying is 'Ooh it's so good.' My grandson's is 'It's yummy for our tummy," she said.

For all the fellow fan's wondering where their favorite kitchen connoisseur has been, Mr. Food's segments will return after football season.

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