Mrs. Fixit:Thanksgiving Table Ideas

November 18, 2012

Start with a neutral colored tablecloth and some fabric markers. Have family and other guests write down what they're thankful for directly onto the tablecloth.

You will be able to pull the cloth out year after year and add to the thoughts and thanks - it will make a great family heirloom!

Pour unpopped popcorn into a glass hurricane to act as a base for your candles. It makes a lovely natural display.

Place a thin cylinder vase inside a wider cylinder and pour popcorn in between the two vases to fill the space.

Then add some lovely flowers to the inside vase to round out the display.

Hollow out some gourds or small pumpkins to act as a candle holder or small vase.

This should set you up for a lovely holiday! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Mrs.Fixit and it's just that simple.

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