New way to fill in those wrinkles

When cosmetic doctors want to smooth wrinkles, they can take two approaches.

They can relax the wrinkle with something like Botox or they can fill it.

And now two of the most popular fillers have new competition. We followed two women who tried it.

As a jewelry store owner, Barbara Barsky of Elkins Park believes a nice appearance translates into good business.

"I deal with a lot of young people in fashion, in the jewelry industry. You want to look on top of your game," Barbara said.

But this fall, she saw room for improvement for the lines around her mouth.

Debbie Hershman of Huntingdon Valley didn't like her mouth area either - a leftover effect from a smoking habit she quit years ago.

"I think that we are all our own worst critics and I really have never liked these lines," Debbie said.

While checking out their options, the two women learned about a new filler called Belotero.

It's not only approved for the folds around the mouth, but also fine lines along the upper lip.

Dr. Allan Wulc says Belotero answers two problems other facial fillers seem to have with the area.

"The other products tend to actually want to be in deeper layers of the skin and most of those wrinkles are superficial," Dr. Wulc said.

He says when the other fillers are used too close to the surface, it can cause inflammation and bumps.

"When the face moves and the muscles around the mouth move, you can actually see those bumps," Dr. Wulc said.

Belotero is a gel, made from a compound which naturally gives skin its plumpness.

When it's injected, it draws in water, to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Although it's approved for lines around the mouth, Dr. Wulc says it's also useful to minimize bags and hollows under the eyes.

"Some of the other products can cause a lot of swelling and [a] bluish discoloration. This product can be introduced really superficially and not cause that. And just a tiny bit goes a long way," Dr. Wulc said.

Barbara said Belotero eased the lines around her mouth and gave her eyes a more rested look. It was the subtle result she wanted.

"I had no bruising whatsoever. Nothing," Barbara said.

Debbie is happy, too. The deep lines on her lip are much less noticeable.

Like other injectables, there can be some swelling and redness after the injection.

And it shouldn't be used by anyone with serious allergies to food or medicines.

Also like other fillers, it lasts about 6 months, maybe longer.

It costs about $300 to $600 which is about the same as other fillers.

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