Get a glimpse of your plastic surgery future!

November 15, 2012

It's a groundbreaking new way to see your very own before and after shots before you decide on whether to book a procedure.

Nina Kovalenko has been thinking about adding more curves to her body.... But is nervous about how she'll look: "You know, you just come in, you trust the doctor, and hope everything goes well."

But Nina didn't have to just imagine her new look. Plastic surgeon Paul Glat showed her a 3D preview with the Vectra imaging system. Vectra's cameras take pictures from three angles then build them into the 3-D image.

With drawing tools, Dr. Glat can simulate dozens of cosmetic procedures for both the body and face.

It can show you what a rhinoplasty or a nose job would look like. It could show you what a chin augmentation or enhancement of the chin area would look like.

"They can look at someone else's before & after pictures, but it's not themselves. So they really want to know, 'What am I going to look like?'"

Vectra can also show the extent of skin conditions like rosacea.

Pauline Busby always thought she was doing a decent job on sun protection. Vectra says she could do better.

" That was a shock to see that. I didn't think I had....i just didn't think it was that bad."

But Pauline was delighted to see how a small amount of wrinkle relaxers and fillers could erase a few years.

Dr. Glat says while Vectra isn't a guarantee of the results, it make patients more comfortable about what they are considering.

"They leave here knowing what they're going to get, and it's really all about managing those expectations to have a happy patient."

Patients can look at their images from a wide variety of angles, and even get before and after pictures before anything is done.

Local doctors have several versions of Vectra - some for just the face, and some also do body simulations too.

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