Student sex video scandal at Radnor High

RADNOR, Pa. - November 15, 2012

Authorities responded to Radnor High School where one student claimed a cell phone had been stolen.

On that cell phone, reportedly, was a video of a sexual act between two students and the video was disseminated to other students and possibly updated to a social networking site.

"Radnor detectives are serving some search warrants to try and identify who may have been involved in the theft," Radnor Police Lt. Chris Flanagan said.

At this point, police say they haven't seen the video.

"These communication devices can get people into a lot of trouble and even kids can fall prey to being charged with criminal charges," Lt. Flanagan said.

Delaware County detectives with expertise in electronics will try and gather the stolen phone's contents as well as search the computers and phones of nearly a half dozen students.

"It's really sad. No one wants to have that. It's really unnecessary and I feel bad for other people involved in it," junior Nina Luker said.

"I feel bad for her, but that's what happens when you do that kind of stuff. That's what happens," junior Drew Adair said.

Elizabeth Dowdell of Villanova's College of Nursing teaches an internet safety course. She says adolescents simply don't assess risk well.

"There is a limited ability to think beyond the next day, the next five days, the next month, the next year," Dowdell said.

She says parents, educators, and health professionals need to teach our kids about the consequences from the choices we make in this digital world.

"Once things go up, they never go away and we're seeing that with adults and emails. That email is out there; it may have been deleted from the laptop, but it's out there," Dowdell said.

All of those involved are juveniles and no one has been charged.

Police say this investigation will likely take a week.

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