A sneak peek inside Disney's new Fantasyland

Since Disney is the parent company of 6abc, Karen Rogers was able to get early access to show us how the "Kingdom" is growing.

The new Fantasyland is 21 acres which is more than double its size. The new addition officially opens December 6, but Action News has a sneak peak.

Ask any kid and they will tell you, there is a lot to see in the New Fantasyland.

There are two sections including the Storybook Circus. It's fun and lively. There are circus acts and a new splash area.

Goofy's roller coaster got a makeover, and the steam engine has a brand new stop.

But it is the classic Dumbo ride that is getting a lot of buzz. Forget the long lines, there are now two rides. Instead of waiting -- you play!

Parents pick up a beeper and take the kids under the big top; an air-conditioned play area with lots of things to do and places to sit for tired parents. When the beeper goes off --- it's time to ride!

The Bundy's from Cinnaminson love the new changes.

"It's so huge. It's so much bigger. They didn't have any of this. They didn't have two Dumbo's. They didn't have a big top," said Jamey Bundy.

"I like it a lot," said Mike Bundy. "If they had cheesesteaks it would be better."

Imagineers say this is all part of Walt Disney's overall vision.

"What you see us doing right here, is bringing Fantasyland and bringing the next story to our guests. As an Imagineer and as Walt said, we are never done telling our stories," said Mark Kohl.

In the Enchanted Forest section, Ariel has her own grotto and a ride that takes you under the sea.

You can also visit Belle's house and a magical mirror will transport you to the Beasts' Castle.

And the best part, everyone can play a role in story time.

Gaston's new tavern is a great place to hang out and see the star himself.

At the brand new Be Your Guest Castle, for the first time ever in the Magic Kingdom, you can order alcohol with your dinner! So, while your princess is having chocolate milk, you can have a beer or wine!

It is a beautiful ballroom complete with golden chandeliers, falling snow outside the window, and the enchanted rose.

There is more coming to the new Fantasyland; next year, the Princess Fairy Tale Hall, and the year after that, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster.

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