Get cash back on holiday toy shopping

Nov. 20, 2012

Here's how. Instead of going directly to website of the store where you want to shop, first click on Ebates and set up an account.

Then search for where you want to shop using the search window on the Ebates home page. You'll get a list of coupon codes and deals available for that site, plus, when you make a purchase, you'll get a percentage of the purchase price added to your Ebates account.

Every few months, Ebates will send you what they call a "Big Fat Check" equal to the amount in your account. Each purchase might only earn a few dollars or cents, but if you do all your online shopping this way, it will add up.

When you shop this way, you can still use coupon codes on your purchases and/or take advantage of offers like free shipping deals. Most major retailers are linked to Ebates.

Some of the current Cash Back deals (and these change daily) include: 4% on toy purchases from and Walmart, 5% at Toys R Us and up to 3% on toy, DVD or video game purchases on eBay.

To sign up for an Ebates account, click here.

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