Surveillance released of Feltonville pizza parlor armed robbery

FELTONVILLE - November 20, 2012

It was just before midnight last Thursday at the Pizza Point Parlor at C Street and Wyoming Avenue.

The place was just about to close for the night when a man walked in the front door.

Suddenly, he pulled a shotgun from his jacket.

There were a handful of workers in the parlor.

"When I turned around, I just saw a gun in my face," parlor clerk Mustafa said.

"He said like, he's gonna blow my brains out, like he's gonna blow my head off. He was threatening everybody, he pushed us all the way back there to the corner of the store."

Mustafa explained what was going through his mind at that time.

"I mean, you can't really think when that happens, you can only think like you're dead, that's all," he said.

The man ordered one of the workers to give him all of the money from the register while aiming a shotgun around at all of them.

"His face, the way he looks, like he's speaking out of anger. Like he wants to eat a human being, like he wants to eat somebody. He looked so evil, he didn't look normal," Mustafa said.

With their hands up in the air, he ordered them to a back room where two other workers were washing dishes.

He ordered all of them to give them everything in their pockets before forcing them to the basement.

"You can't think, you just gotta give him what he wanted, I couldn't really think at that time, I was just like really scared," Mustafa said.

After 20 long minutes, the man finally left without shooting anyone.

The owner, Ozzy Khalil, is glad that no one was hurt and says this man needs to be captured.

"This guy has to be taken off the streets so he wouldn't shoot anybody. Luckily, we weren't shot at," Khalil said.

The shotgun bandit was last seen running north on C Street.

He is believed to be from the Feltonville neighborhood.

If you recognize him or otherwise have information about this robbery, you are being asked to call Philadelphia police.

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