Bargain-basement prices for Eagles tickets

PHILADELPHIA - November 26, 2012

As a result, once-coveted Birds' tickets are now available at a bargain.

For example, tickets were going for as little as $25 just hours before kickoff. Simply put, supply is overwhelming demand for the game.

"Going at around $25 for lower levels that cost about $95. It was the big losses the past three weeks that threw the market down," said James Bell of Old City.

The collapsing market produced a offer of leftover Halloween candy for an Eagles ticket. The man who posted the ad said one person responded saying "throw in a beer and some M&Ms and he'd think about it."

Meanwhile, tailgaters gathered outside Lincoln Financial Field were talking about the fate of head coach Andy Reid and his 3-7 team.

"Time to move on and get rid of Andy. I think you need to let him go now," said Brian Mcginness of Bellmawr, N.J.

"It's time for a new coach, it really is," said Wes McMichael of Harrisburg, Pa.

At Chickie's and Pete's on Monday, one-time college player Mike DeFilippo disagrees. He thinks fans calling for Reid's ouster underestimate how injuries hurt the Birds.

DeFilippo said he is not backing away from the coach.

"I'm with them when they lose, I'm with them when they win," he said.

But many think the fans are growing restless and will be heard from at the game.

"I think you will hear booing, chants for Andy to be fired," said Don Christino of Havertown. "I think you're going to see an unruly crowd."

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