Revolutionizing high heels with 'Camileon Technology'

QUEEN VILLAGE - December 4, 2012

Some shoes are designed to look good, while others are made to feel good. Is it too much to ask for both?

Businessman Sean Flannery says "no". Flannery discovered a doctor's patents for an adjustable-heel shoe, and then set out to re-engineer it.

He bought the rights to the product. Five years later, he updated and globalized the patents.

The result is Camileon Heel Technology, a company that designs and markets the shoes. He has then built by well-known manufacturers in Italy.

Locally, Bus Stop Boutique in Queen Village handles them. They're also available online.

Flannery designed the shoe in a variety of styles but one uniting principle...a heel with a two-step latching mechanism you can stack for a 3 1/2-inch heel or separate for a 1 1/2-inch heel.

The mechanism never leaves the shoe. Since each heel has two walking surfaces, Flannery offers a repair kit you can take to a shoemaker when normal wear occurs.

Unlatching, moving and relatching the heels are so easy you'll probably get accustomed to doing it without sitting down.

Flannery's extensive studies show the prime market for the shoes is working women in their 20's to 40's...those accustomed to commuting in sneakers then changing into a pair of dress shoes at the office.

If they have evening plans, they might change again. Now one pair can do all those jobs. Prices at $100-$150 a pair yet doing two jobs, the shoes fit that market well. Flannery's plan is to license only select manufacturers to offer his technology.

He wants to retain the shoes in only one boutique-type store in each major city, and online. Here in Philadelphia, the designated retailer is Bus Stop Boutique, 727 S. 4th Street in Queen Village.

You may phone them at 215-627-2357 or visit online at Bus Stop Boutique. You'll find Camileon Heels online too.

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