NJ cab driver stops alleged HS shooting spree

TRENTON, NJ - November 30, 2012

"He's a real hero, we do what we do but he didn't have to do what he did," said Marc Maurice.

The taxi driver foiled an alleged school shooting spree and police are also calling him a hero.

On Friday, he hid from the spotlight and quit his job. His coworkers say it's because he is terrified.

"Someone said to him this morning 'Watch out for that young man when he gets out he may look for you," said Wheager.

That young man is a 17-year old Trenton Central High School student who allegedly tried to get the cabbie to be his getaway driver.

Police are not releasing his name because he is a juvenile.

Authorities say Thursday after a lunch room brawl, the suspect left the school and called a cab.

The suspect went to his house and returned with a gun, allegedly telling the cab driver that he intended to shoot students.

Wheager, a fellow cab driver, spoke to the hero cabbie on Friday morning. The cabbie told Wheager that he tried to talk the student out of it.

"He said 'Why would you want to do that, you shouldn't do that, you have a future.' The young man said 'If you talk to me one more time I'm going to kill them and kill you too," said Wheager.

The high school went on lockdown and the students were dismissed early. Several hours later police were able to catch the teenage suspect.

Police say the gun the student allegedly showed the taxi driver has not been recovered.

Officers did find several thousand bags of heroin, a sawed off shotgun and ammunition at the teen's home. He faces a list of charges and remains in juvenile custody.

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