3 generations of women artists at Woodmere Museum

CHESTNUT HILL - December 9, 2012

The exhibit is called Generations and it looks at the work of Louise Fishman, a Philadelphia large-scale abstract painter. Her work is known internationally but her most powerful mentors came from very close to home.

Bill Valerio, the Director of the Woodmere Museum said, "Two of the important inspirations for her were her mother and her aunt who were artists of Philadelphia."

Louise Fishman is known for her abstract expressionist style with works that explore feminism and Jewish mysticism.

"She works in a very athletic way. She's an artist who I sense make her pictures with big broad, fast strokes of large brushes," added Valerio.

Her mother, Gertrude Fisher-Fishman started as a figurative painter but learned all about modern art by taking classes at the Barnes Foundation, along with Fishman's aunt….Razel Kapustin.

"Gertrude became an abstract painter as well and her work is luminous. It's very elegant," said Valerio.

Kapustin's paintings, in contrast, are politically charged. But both she and Fishman were inspired by Jackson Pollack, a major figure in the abstract expressionist style.

Valerio added, "One of the big messages of the show is that here we have an example of women artists giving strength and inspiration to other women artists and that's a beautiful story."

The exhibit, containing 65 key works, runs through January 6th. For tickets, visit Woodmere Art Museum.

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