Philly police take kids on shopping spree

PHILADELPHIA - December 6, 2012

Action News was there in Wynnefield Heights as officers from the 19th District kicked off the tradition. After quick snack of juice and granola bars, the group of 15 kids and police officers hit the stores.

With funds provided by Target, each child had a $50 to go on a shopping spree. They grabbed everything from tea sets to games to clothes.

"I got Play-Doh!" said 4-year-old Cerena Rogers.

"It was exciting because she was all over the place. To see them brings a smile to our face. It was nice," said Officer Joan Palmer.

These officers know all too well that most often when kids see them, it's during tense times at tough scenes.

So, they really got a kick out of how much their new little friends enjoyed their day.

When asked what he was going to tell his friends, 6-year-old Muneer Mack said "I shopped with cops."

"They'll be pumped for days over this. We had volunteers for this and I wish we could have taken them all," said Capt. Joe Bologna. "You look at the smiles on my officer's faces! This is what it's all about."

As much as the kids enjoyed today, the officers say it was the best not only to serve and protect, but also bring a little holiday cheer.

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