Three sisters, three new moms - 2 at same time

DEPTFORD, N.J.; December 11, 2012

The Slowey family welcomed three new babies into the world just before Thanksgiving.And it happened in a way they never expected.

Tammy Bitting got the news first, then her older sister Carol Newman and younger sister Kim Slowey also learned they were expecting.

"It was just overwhelming, it was crazy," says Tammy.

Kim says, "It was nice to go through it together."

But that wasn't the last surprise. That came 7 weeks after Tammy had little Tanya.

Carol was scheduled to have a C-section November 20th at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury.

In the meantime, Kim started having complications.

She also went in, had to be induced, and then needed a C-section, too, to deliver her baby - also November 20th.

They had joked about the babies- Anna and Kyleigh - sharing a birthday, but Carol says,

"Little did we know we would actually deliver on the same day, by the same doctor, dr dejoseph, in the same hospital, she was the surgery right after mine."

Grandmother Janet Slowey says, "It was convenient for me because I went up once to visit both of them."

And now with the three new bundles of joy, Janet says she's doubled her number of grandkids in less than two months... And couldn't be happier.

Janet adds, "I just think it is so excited- having the same birthdays and having them grow up together."

Also very proud is Thomas, big brother to Tanya and cousin to Anna and Kyleigh.

"I can't move with all these babies in my hand," he says, mocking distress.

The sisters tell me they have always been very close. Now it seems the cousins will follow suit.

Carol says, "I am hoping, maybe they'll agree but maybe their 2nd birthday we can take them all to Disney."

The sisters tell me they have even more in common. They all work in education- two are science teachers at the same school. And two married men named Tom.

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