Separated twins make public debut at CHOP

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; December 20, 2012

Allison and Amelia Tucker, now 10 months old are growing stronger andr healthier every day.

They were joined at the lower chest and abdomen, sharing a diaphragm, liver and the sack that surrounded their individual hearts. November 7th they were successfully separated.

Mother Shellie Tucker says she is, "Absolutely relieved, it was emotion, but it is such a relief to have it over with."

Father Greg Tucker says the journey has been incredible, "From November, when we got the diagnosis they were conjoined, to being separated and healthy, we could not ask for much more."

Allison is the smaller one. She is also the fiesty one. She went home with her mom and big brother Owen on Monday.

Amelia is still in the hospital but is expected to go home soon.

Dr. Holly Hedrick lead the team of 40 doctors, nurses and other staff through the 7-hour operation.

She says seeing one become two was amazing.

"It's an overwhelming dramatic moment, when the tables spread, and the twins go their separate ways," she says.

In this exclusive video inside Amelia's hospital room, it's clear to see even though they are now separated, the twins still have a strong emotional connection.

"They can tell when they are with each other," says their mother.

Doctors say they should live healthy, normal, and independent lives.

You can learn much more about this medical procedure Friday morning, on ABC's Good Morning America.

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