Victim of Montco hit and run speaks to Action News

ABINGTON, Pa. - December 13, 2012

"It's a blessing I'm even here to talk to you today," said Andre McCleary.

In a lot of pain, but thankful to be alive, surrounded by 3 of his 5 children and his fiancé, 30-year-old Andre McCleary is recovering in a hospital bed at Abington Memorial Hospital.

He was critically injured by a hit and run driver Sunday night in Fort Washington on his walk home from work at nearby Nutri system.

"He got hit pretty bad," said Domonique Isabell. "The car that hit him knocked him out of his boots."

Since Sunday, McCleary has had two reconstructive surgeries on his face. He suffered two broken legs and a collapsed lung.

The hit and run happened on the 3300 block of Susquehanna Road around 7:00 p.m. Sunday.

Police have not confirmed a description of the vehicle involved, but tell Action News the driver never stopped.

It was a passerby who later pulled over and called 911.

"Honestly, I feel like accidents happen and for someone to leave you for dead, it's the worst thing you could possibly do," said Andre.

"You didn't know if he was dead or alive, and you didn't care," said Domonique.

Andre will spend the next couple of months in a rehabilitative facility. His legs may never fully heal. It hurts his family to see him this way. They want to see justice.

"He's a human being, somebody's child. We love him. To see him like this, it hurts; it's very painful," said Carmell Isabell, Andre's mother-in-law.

"He works every day, tries hard to provide for his family. He was coming home from work," Domonique said.

The family had a message for the person who did this: "Come forward," said Carmell. "Let him know you're not a heartless cold person who left him for dead."

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