Lancaster Co. mourns with Connecticut, remembers

LANCASTER, Pa. - December 14, 2012 It was 6 years ago that the Lancaster County community dealt with a mass shooting of its own.

In October of 2006, 10 elementary-school aged girls were shot, 5 of them killed, when Charles Carl Roberts, IV stormed West Nickel Mines Amish School on a mission to carry out murder and ultimately kill himself.

Even though the Amish school shooting happened 6 years ago in Lancaster County, it is an emotional scar that people say stays with them for life.

"It was a very stressful event for Lancaster County and the law enforcement community," said Lt. Tim Frey.

Lancaster City Police Lt. Tim Frey remembers the tragedy clearly.

"Many victims were brought to local hospitals, and we assisted state police with gathering information with some of the victims," he said. "I know troopers that were there and hearing some of their stories. These were tragic, horrible stories," Lt. Tim Frey.

Frey has previously worked as a school resource officer for the school district of Lancaster.

The police lieutenant says the district has an emergency plan in place, because it is clear these horrific crimes can happen anywhere, and all communities must stay up on safety.

"You certainly don't want to wait for something to happen to realize this is what we need to do," he said.

But what can frightened parents do?

Catherine Zdancewic moved to Lancaster County one year before the Amish shooting. She is doubly touched by today's news.

"I grew up in Connecticut," said Catherine. "It hit closer to home for me."

The new mom says the news is concerning but she's keeping a level head.

"There is really nothing you can do but hope. You have to hope that every parent is raising their child as well as you hope you do," she said.

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