Shootings claim one life, leave 2 others injured

PHILADELPHIA - December 20, 2012

A woman was hit by a stray bullet in South Philadelphia and in Port Richmond two people were shot, one fatally.

The family of the young man who lost his life are begging for people to come forward with information on the gunman.

Brenda Rivera tells Action News, "My brother was sweet - he was outgoing, friendly with everybody.

Brenda Rivera says her 25-year-old brother Manuel Sanchez loved all kinds of music. He was an aspiring rap artist who went by the moniker Don Chino. His music videos posted on YouTube. Now authorities are trying to figure out who fatally shot Sanchez and injured his 24-year-old friend outside Sanchez's Port Richmond home around 1:00 a.m. Thursday.

Brenda Rivera went on to tell us, "We don't know anybody who would ever want to hurt him. He did not have problems. He was just so sweet to everybody. He had friends everywhere."

The surviving witness explained to police how two men approached them on the 2000 block of Castor Avenue and demanded they quote "give it up." Police say both men opened fire upon discovering the victims had nothing more than a pack of cigarettes.

Sanchez and his friend tried running inside, but gunfire followed them.

Neighbor Ed Puchalski's door is inches away. Bullet holes riddled Sanchez's home. Ballistic evidence even found in the living room.

Puchalski says Sanchez, "...was a real nice kid. It's sad. It's a sad situation that's going on."

In a separate case just an hour earlier in South Philadelphia a 24-year-old waitress had left work shortly before midnight when gunfire broke out nearby, waking neighbors from their slumber.

Cody Faulkner who lives nearby says, "I was asleep, and then all of a sudden I heard a loud bang. I thought I was dreaming."

The victim told police she had been walking along the 700 block of South 13th Street when she says she heard the shots and soon realized she'd been hit in the back.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small explains, "She has no idea who shot her. We believe she's an innocent victim."

Police say there were surveillance cameras found in the area surrounding both shootings. However, there is no word on what those cameras captured, and if any of the footage will help in these cases.

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