Police warn against shooting guns New Years Eve

PHILADELPHIA - December27, 2012

Every year the police warn that shooting guns into the air to celebrate the New Year will not be tolerated. They will be holding a news conference on New Year's Eve.

But this year, gun control advocates with a special interest are sounding the warning early.

14 years ago a stray bullet fired to celebrate the New Year came out of the sky and into Joe Jaskolka's head.

It remains lodged near the base of his skull, a constant reminder of how his life changed forever in an instant.

He was just 11 years old.

"I used to have a pretty normal life," said Joe.

Joe and his supporters are sounding the alarm early this year in the wake of the school massacre in Connecticut.

Talk of tougher gun control has sent some flocking to the gun shops.

"There are folks out there right now that are buying ammunition. And they're gearing up for their gun fireworks for New Year's Eve," said Ruth Birchett.

Joe's father Greg has been on the front line of gun control for the past 14 years.

He is glad the issue is now on the front burner, but years of frustration have made him cautious.

"I'm not real optimistic, because I've been through this for 14 years," said Greg Jaskolka. "But, hopefully something will be done. Now is the time, but the time has been already."

Joe survived the bullet to his head, but his story is an example of how gun violence is costing everyone.

He has had 40 brain surgeries over the years, and needs constant care, at an estimated cost, so far, of more than $20-million.

"They don't understand the logic. It goes up. It doesn't get sucked into outer space. Gravity… it comes down," said Joe.

By speaking out, Joe and his supporters are hoping to spare just one family what they have been through.

They want everyone to remember, there is no telling where a bullet you fire into the air may come down. The family you destroy may be your own.

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