Woman wins $700k lottery as cameras roll


Her children could not contain their excitement asking their mom if they could get an iPhone.

The winning Cash 5 ticket was sold at Bi-Rite Deli on the 3200 block of Red Lion Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

The drawing was picked last evening.

The family signed off on their earnings this Christmas eve.

In recent weeks, residents in our area have been hitting it big by playing the lottery.

Roger Custer of Levittown, Bucks County won $33.1-million from the December 5th Powerball drawing.

The retiree said he'll use his newfound riches to take care of his family and do "a lot more hunting and fishing."

A Cash 5 ticket worth $325,000 was purchased at the ACME Market located on the 8200 block of Roosevelt Boulevard for the December 10th drawing.

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