Burglars break into 3 stores through walls, roof

FRANKFORD - December 26, 2012

The thieves were caught on surveillance as they ransacked Vo's Beauty Salon.

They got in by breaking through the wall of the Quest Diagnostics office next door.

Salon owner Nancy Quach and her husband stopped at the salon last night to feed their fish when they found the hole in the wall.

"When my husband opened the door, he saw the hole in the wall so he ran back out and called the cops," Quach said.

The thieves were in the store for about 27 minutes, taking cash, a computer and other electronics.

Police say they first broke in the back door of the Quest office where they stole some power tools.

They then smashed their way through the wall between a bathroom and the salon.

They also tried and failed to break through the wall to the Pizza Hut on the other side.

So, they climbed up on the roof and cut a hole in the Pizza Hut roof to gain access.

They broke into a cash register in the Pizza Hut only to find it empty.

In the salon, they initially crouched low to the floor, apparently trying to avoid setting off an alarm.

What they didn't count on was a night vision camera that recorded their every move.

The salon owners are hoping someone recognizes them.

And it's not the first time this has happened here.

About four years ago, burglars broke through the roof of the Pizza Hut and through the walls of several stores.

The owner of the hair salon says they must have cased the place or had prior experience, because they knew exactly where to break through the wall and where to find the valuables.

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