Local ski resorts welcome New Year's Day skiers

January 1, 2013 3:21:14 PM PST
Many people spent New Year's Day hitting the slopes at local ski resorts in weather conditions many local skiers considered perfect.

"It's really good and I love skiing," said Brandon Weinerman.

Brandon Weinerman and his siblings were among the thousands who decided that skiing or snowboarding would be a great way to spend New Year's Day and headed to the slopes of Blue Mountain.

"There is not a better way to spend it. The whole family loves it, we all ski together so it's a lot of fun and we really love it," said Steve Weinerman.

And what's not to love? There was a gentle snow falling at times on Tuesday and the slopes were not crowded.

Conditions were just about perfect to be scooped up by a chairlift and taken to the top of one of the 22 slopes currently open for the fun trip down.

"It's fast; it's smooth, a lot of jumps," said one snowboarder.

"Just the thrill and just the excitement of the board being under control," said Tina Martin.

But it has taken others a while to get used to being back up on skis.

"Pretty weird, it's the first time this season, but it's like riding a bike," said Sarah Donahue.

"The trails are nice having the new snow from the past couple snowfalls made more trails and riding conditions a lot nicer," said Ian Hanselman.

Blue Mountain operators are thrilled to have some cold weather. Most of last winter was just too warm for skiing and snowboarding.

"Last year was not our best year because of the weather. When it is 50° out, people are thinking more about spring sports and skipping winter altogether. So this season we're ready for the cold, ready for the dip in temperatures coming this weekend," said Heidi Lutz, Blue Mountain.