InterACTION: Legacy of Andy Reid responses

PHILADELPHIA - December 31, 2012

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Bob from Honey Brook

As a good coach with many wins but not a great coach like Belechik. Unfortunately Reids Eagles will be remembered a little like the Bills of the 90's who just couldn't win it all. The Bills at least had more Super Bowls than the Eagles. The Eagles under Reid and McNabb could not win the big games against the great teams and even sometimes the games they were supposed to win against teams like Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship! But hey he deserves thanks for a good run and for having us as contenders for all those years. We came to expect to be in the hunt each and every year!!!

Dolores from Philadelphia:

How can he be the blame? As a coach, you call the plays but ultimately the players have to go out and execute! That's not right! Good Luck Andy! You are a great Man!

Judy from Vineland:

I respect Andy and am sorry he had to go. I feel that some of the newer players on the team did not dedicate themselves to Andy's game plan. They also need to go!

Carl from Camden:

I say it's a bad move because unless they can get a guy like Tony Dungy in or John Gruden if not then we will be messed up and having losing seasons for the next 4 if not 5 years. But since it's done. "Bring on Dungy" Dungy Dungy Dungy!!!

Marilyn from Churchville:

I think Andy was and is a great coach. Too bad he did not have a great team behind him. Most of them were spoiled, rich, mouthy ball players who would not work as a team to get things done. I am sorry to see Andy leave. He should not be the only one to go. Good luck, Andy. You will be missed.

Mom of 4 from Hatboro Pa:

All good things come to an end and he has reached his end here in Philadelphia.

Audrey from North Wildwood:

Andy has served his time well with many achievements. I really feel it is time for someone new. No matter who replaces him, it could go either way. But it is time for a change.

Patrick from Hamilton, NJ:

I am so sorry Andy Reid but should not be fired. I wish he could have stayed.

William Bryant, Jr. from Philadelphia:

I have only have 2 words for ANDY REID........... "BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pat from Narberth:

Andy was a great coach here in Philadelphia. It was very obvious he had a tough year with his family issues, but the players did not show up for the games!

Theresa from Ridley Park:

Lurie should have kept Andy for one more season. They really should oust Vick. I think Lurie is heartless. It wasn't all Andy's fault. After all you need to blame some of the players. I hope Andy goes to a team and takes them all the way. GO ANDY!!!!!!!

Sandi from Little Egg Harbor NJ:

Good years, bad years but no Super Bowl. It is time for a change and he needs it too. Good luck to Andy!

Marilyn from Ocean City, NJ:

Don't keep blaming the coach. Many of the players are just as much to blame as Andy. Those who were supposed to protect the quarterback JUST DIDN'T in many cases. Everyone is to blame and no one is to blame. Better luck in 2013.

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