Site checks out designer deals

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

January 24, 2013 2:27:41 PM PST
Buying designer items through online resale sites is risky, because it's hard to tell if those items are authentic. But a new site guarantees its items are the Real Deal.

The site is called Hello La Mode. And it features high-end designer items for sale at deeply discounted items.

Site Co-Founder Mariana Leung explains, "We're talking about true designer pieces, sometimes avant-garde designers as well. But, it has to be luxury."

On Hello La Mode, you'll find items like $595 Prada shoes for $250. Or a $4400 Judith Lieber evening bag for $476.

But what makes Hello La Mode different from other fashion resale sites is they ensure that all the items are authentic.

Leung explains, "We have experts in-house who've worked at high-end consignment shops, who have worked at the design houses as well and are experts in designer pieces. So they can spot a fake a mile away. They know the insignia, they know what collection came from what season."

Sellers are screened as well.

She adds, "We also check with our sellers and their reputation. We want to see receipts, we want to know what year you bought the piece."

Many of the items come from people who work for design houses, or for fashion magazines. Other items come from bloggers who get samples to review.

Sellers set their own prices, and buyers pay a transaction fee to the site that covers shipping and the authentication process.

Hello La Mode is offering a special deal just for Saving with 6abc viewers. Just use the code 6ABC and you'll save $50 on your first purchase.