Winter wonderland as snow coats the region

January 25, 2013 7:29:52 PM PST
The snowfall brought a tricky commute for some while for others it brought a picturesque Winter wonderland.

A full-fledged snowball fight went down in Rittenhouse Square and the Action Cam was there to capture the fun and, at times, harsh moments.

"I'm actually pretty warm believe it or not," said Jessica Welhaf.

Temperatures were frigid but these University of the Arts juniors were covered in snow from head to toe.

"I'm thrilled, I love the snow. I come from down south where we don't get snow often so I'm really excited even if it's a little bit I'm thrilled," said Shannon Conner.

Walking through Rittenhouse Square Park - we found a pup who apparently loves the snow.

"We came out last week and wrestled in it.Nice and clean," said Matt Haas.

"This is like the second time it's snowed in Philly in like two years so you have to appreciate it, it's glittery and fun," said Joshua Jean.

Glittery is one way to describe the picturesque park decorated in white.

As people passed through, the salt truck followed hoping to keep the grounds safe for pedestrians.

Montgomery County Maintenance Manager Howard Houseknecht says 360 Penndot trucks were on the roads across five counties while the snow fell.

Crews will continue to work throughout the night as the temperatures dip and ice-slicked roads are a major concern.

"You've got to watch for icy spots during the storm and just be careful. Take your time and don't be encroaching on trucks," said Houseknecht.