Phillies' Cole Hamels and wife Heidi adopt Ethiopian baby

February 7, 2013 6:39:27 PM PST
It was a Christmas morning like no other for Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and his family.

On Christmas Eve, they adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia - Reeve Hamels.

"To have her come home like literally as a Christmas present was unbelievable," Heidi Hamels said.

"The sense of joy overcomes anything. [There were] tears, I'm glad they were not sad tears; obviously, the most joyful, exciting tears I think I can ever shed. We're just so happy," Cole said.

But the way Reeve's life started will make you cry.

She was abandoned at birth 6 months ago.

Police in Ethiopia found her all alone in a field and she was placed in a orphanage.

"We are blessed to be the receiving end of what ended up happening to her, although you would never want that for her, we are blessed to have her," Heidi said.

"The emotions are all over the place when we get to see her when she wakes up and the happiness that she has," Cole said.

Action News caught up with Cole and Heidi during a photo shoot for April's edition of Main Line Magazine where they go into depth about the 4-year adoption process.

The Hamels flew to Ethiopia twice before the adoption became official and they could bring Reeve home.

"It's very, very time consuming, obviously worth it in the end; it's not nine months like a biological child, so, I don't know, I feel like I've been waiting on her my whole life," Heidi said.

With Reeve, Caleb and Braxton, the Hamels family is happier than ever.

And so far, all of the Hamel kids are playing nicely with eachother.

"Caleb, the 3-year-old, loves her. Every day he wakes up and says, 'Mom, where's my sister?' So he's in love with her. And Braxton just wants to eat her face off. He's the 1-year-old and he loves kissing her," Heidi said.