Mrs. Fixit: Chevron Stripes

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February 10, 2013 4:07:06 AM PST
Painting chevron stripes doesn't have to be hard - I'll show you an easy way to get the look!

Paint a solid base coat onto your piece and let it dry completely. Now for the stripes?

Normally to make a cheveron pattern you draw a grid line and then lay out your stripes, but I think it's easier to use a template.

Print a chevron pattern from your computer, look for one that's the width stripe that you want for your project. Print it on a cardstock so it's easier to work with.

Put your pattern so you have one width of the stripe and tape it on each end to your project aligning the tips of your stripe with the top edge of your project.

Now, carefully align painter's tape in each of the "v"s created by the pattern. Once you've covered your template, remove it, move it to the right and repeat adding tape.

Move the template to the next row and repeat the process until your project is covered.

When you're done, go over all of the tape with the eidge of a credit card to be sure it is adhered.

Next, paint over the tape. you may need two coats to cover completley.

When the paint is mostly dry but still a little tacky, remove the tape. This is such a bold look - I love it!! Try it for yourself. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.