19-year-old charged in girl's kidnapping from West Phila. school

Christina Regusters

February 15, 2013 8:01:44 PM PST
Police have charged a 19-year-old woman in connection with the abduction and rape of a 5-year-old girl from a West Philadelphia school in January.

Christina Regusters, of the 6200 block of Walton Avenue, is charged with 14 crimes in all including rape, kidnapping and assault. In a court hearing on Friday, she was ordered to be held on $4 million bail.

Investigators believe Regusters seemed obsessed with the 5-year-old girl that she allegedly abducted and assaulted.

The 19-year-old met the little girl and her younger brother at the Heaven's Little Angels daycare center where she worked.

Last year on Dec. 6th, she posted an unusual picture on her Facebook page. The photo had the caption 'My hand in the middle and the other two belongs to two special babies that I call my son and daughter..I feel like the happiest mother in the world when I see those smiles every day I go to work.'

In the photo both of the children's hands have crooked pinkies.

In an exclusive interview, Attorney Tom Kline, who represents the victim and her family, says the children's real mother made a chilling revelation. She says that both of her children have crooked pinkies and the hands in the photo appear to be theirs.

"It is frightening that here we had these children's hand prints on the Facebook of this young woman who is now in custody. It is highly unusual and highly extraordinary that an individual who is taking care of children would have a Facebook post of this nature," said Kline.

Sources are also providing disturbing new details about the kidnapping and sexual assault.

Allegedly after Regusters donned Muslim attire and kidnapped the girl from Bryant Elementary School, she placed her in a duffel bag before taking her into the Walton Street home.

Once inside authorities say the child was stripped naked, blindfolded and placed under a bed.

Regusters allegedly told her, "The man is going to come and you better be quiet because he doesn't like it when you're not quiet."

Further sources say the woman also told the 5-year-old that an exotic pet, a macau, would peck her eyes out if she didn't do as she was told.

After being brutally sexually assaulted, authorities say an unknown teen girl took the child and abandoned her in an Upper Darby playground wearing only a t-shirt.

Before leaving her, the teenager reportedly told the child, "You have to go rescue thte other kids."

Meanwhile Regusters' lawyer says his client is innocent but may have mental problems.

"As I understand there may be, I'm still investigating that," said Fred Harrison, attorney.

Sources say Regusters' DNA was a match to what was found on the victim's shirt however they are doing extensive DNA testing of other individuals to rule out whether or not the suspect acted alone.

On Thursday, police took three others, including the suspect's aunt and live-in boyfriend, into custody for questioning.

All three were released overnight but police say this investigation is far from closed.

"The investigation continues. The task force will stay together until we're confident that we have the entire thing wrapped up," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.