Bridal Brokerage matches, renegotiates canceled weddings

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

April 2, 2013 4:21:01 AM PDT
Emotionally, Johanna Cohen feels fine about calling off her planned April wedding. But financially, the $2,000 she's lost on deposits still nags at her.

That includes $1,500 she paid to reserve the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City for the April 20, 2013 affair, which she canceled back in August.

She says, "We were told if the Saturday was booked in April, we would get half the deposit back."

So far, the venue hasn't been booked.

Brides like Johanna were the inspiration for a new website called Bridal Brokerage.

"Bridal Brokerage is essentially the first-ever company that buys and sell canceled weddings," explains Lauren Byrne, one of the site's founders.

She explains, "A lot of that money has been lost already through the existing bride and groom, and so they're willing to take somewhat of a loss to get something back. Then we can sell it to a new bride and groom at a discount."

Byrne says the venues are usually happy to negotiate as well, because they regain a lost booking.

Right now, the site has a wedding available in August at the Hilton City Avenue and one in June in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And Johanna's hoping another bride might book that April date at the Flanders.

Right now, Bridal Brokerage doesn't have searchable databases. But if you enter the information about the wedding you canceled, or the one you'd like to plan, the people behind the site will do their best to find you a match.