Camden, Collingswood carjacking suspect caught on video

February 21, 2013 7:21:03 PM PST
Authorities say the suspect was armed with a knife when he robbed a gas station and carjacked a number of vehicles in Camden and Collingswood.

Surveillance footage of the suspect police are looking for was taken at a gas station on Route 130.

Officials believe this man robbed the station on Feb.15.

On Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. police say this same suspect followed a nurse from Our Lady of Lourdes, to her car in a parking lot on Haddon Avenue near Old White Horse Pike.

The man allegedly told the nurse that he had a gun.

"He was trying to steal her car or rob her," said John Scullan.

The nurse managed to get the attention of Scullan, a co-worker, after the man twice asked for her car keys.

"It really was scary, it was broad daylight. Everyone's getting done work, coming out from work and to have to deal with this, it was quite scary. She was really shaken up," said Scullan.

Authorities say the suspect then ran about a half mile away to Haddon and Ferry avenues and attempted to get into a car stopped at the light, but the door was locked.

However the suspect stopped at a car with two women inside and got in the backseat.

The man allegedly pulled a knife on them and told them to drive less than a quarter mile away to Pacific Avenue, where he got out.

Police say the man saw a couple taking their baby out of the car while the engine was still running, and flashed his knife at them.

The suspect jumped in their vehicle and drove off. The car was later found Thursday morning about two or three miles away from the scene.

Meanwhile with the suspect still on the loose, workers at Our Lady of Lourdes are feeling a bit uneasy.

"That's scary, especially for a female and sometimes, I'm home late," said Marie Perry.

Camden and Collingswood police have beefed up patrols in the area and the hospital has put its security detail on high alert.

Hospital workers say they are also taking precautions by walking in pairs.

"I tell people don't walk because I normally walk in the morning now, I'm scared," said Perry.

Authorities are hoping that someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video, who police believe is responsible for this string of incidents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Camden Police at 856-757-7590 or Collingswood Police at 856-854-1901.