Getting your skin healthy

March 5, 2013 3:39:08 AM PST
The name sounds old but the care is designed to keep you youthful. Chestnut Hill spa and salon 3000BC offers a line of organic botanical skin care products that take the user through a personalized regimen of five steps - clean, defense, repair, quench and shield. "Shield" products offer UV protection year-round.

The spa's beauty coaches use a diagnostic device called the "skin scope" which analyzes the face with a gentle ultraviolet light.

It shows which areas ay be dehydrated, which have oil issues, etc., Then the beauty coach recommends a personalized care regimen. The scope session is always at no charge to the client.

Many come in more than once a year, even quarterly, and adjust care routines depending on what the scope says. Founder Korin Korman says her products have been developed with the approval of medical professionals.

There is a clinical line of products offering greater strength for clients who might need help with a particular skin issue. While no dermatologist is routinely on the premises, some doctors find the skin scope useful in caring for their own patients.

3000BC's product line is also sold coat-to-coast by independent representatives, who have access to a skin scope. You may also buy the products online.

The salon and spa offers other services in-person. You can learn more about their products online at 3000bc, where you'll also find a link to the skin scope.

The shop is located at 8439 Germantown Avenue in the heart of Chestnut Hill's business district. You may phone them at 215-247-6020.

Note that most services are by appointment.