Mrs. Fixit: Glass vase painting

March 3, 2013 5:12:38 AM PST
If you have some plain glass vases lying around, grab them and some enamel paint for glass and I'll show you how to turn the plain vase into a pretty gift or accent.

Make sure your vase is clean and free of any lint or grease.

I am going to paint two different colored stripes on the vase so I need two paintbrushes with the same width tips.

Starting at the top, paint your first stripe down the side of the vase, try going top to bottom in one stroke and then going back and following your lines to fill in the stripe.

Move onto your second color.

I like to slightly overlap the edge of the stripe to kind of swish the colors together on the edge of each stripe.

Repeat the process all the way around the vase.

When you're finished with the stripes let the vase dry.

Once it's dry, use a coordinating color to paint a ring around the top and bottom of the stripes to give it a more finished look.

Allow that to dry and add a ribbon to the neck to give it an extra special touch.

This special paint is washable and dishwasher safe once it is dry so your vase is pretty and practical!

Try this project for yourself!