New maps put 33K more NJ homes in flood zones

March 14, 2013 10:01:08 AM PDT
New Jersey's adoption of expanded flood maps in the wake of Superstorm Sandy has put more than 33,000 additional residential buildings in flood zones, a nearly 15% increase.

The disaster recovery plan announced this week by the Christie administration shows nearly 268,000 residential structures now falling within New Jersey's floodplain. That's up from just over 234,000 before the maps were redrawn.

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Owners of homes considered "substantially damaged" by Superstorm Sandy must rebuild according to the maps' elevation guidelines. In many cases this means having to raise their houses.

Houses where repair costs exceed 50% of the structure's pre-disaster value are deemed "substantially damaged."

The state recovery plan puts the number in that category at more than 18,000 but expects the figure to rise significantly as final reports come in.