Hatboro-Horsham teachers crochet blankets for cancer patients

March 15, 2013 4:30:40 PM PDT
Two teachers at Hatboro-Horsham High School created an organization that crochets blankets to comfort patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Nicole Dow Makosky teaches Math at Hatboro-Horsham High School but the lessons she's sharing reach far beyond the classroom.

Nicole's mother died last November from stage four metastatic breast cancer.

"I couldn't take away her pain and as lonely as she felt I was there, I couldn't help her," said Makosky.

Two months later, she discovered what would become a lasting tribute to her mother and other cancer victims:

"I was looking through an adult evening book - evening classes. I saw a crochet class and it just jumped off the page to me," said Makosky.

She enlisted the help of a fellow teacher, a cancer survivor who could relate to what her mom endured.

"You feel alone. You sit there and you look at that poison dripping into you," said Susan Gilnazik.

Together they've created, Project Chemo Crochet, making blankets to comfort people undergoing chemotherapy.

Their website got 600 hits within the first week and it wasn't long before nearly the entire school was involved.

A tenth grader sent a blanket to a friend and a senior, who crochets with his girlfriend, began teaching others.

"It really offers hope to people who think that hope is lost," said Dan Geisz.

Even the school principal has learned to crochet.

"It's not about how fast or how slow, it's truly the cause," said Dennis Williams.

So far, 27 blankets have been sent to four states and Canada and the project has received donations from across the country.

"I will never forget about what cancer did to my mom, to me, to our entire family. I feel like these blankets, when I give them, I've giving my mom's fighting spirit," said Makosky.

Click here for more information on Project Chemo Crochet.