Attempted burglary at home of Delaware County deputy sheriff

March 30, 2013 8:50:41 PM PDT
A intruder picked the wrong home to burglarize when he broke into the home of a Delaware County deputy sheriff. The victim told his story to Action News.

Darby Township resident John McGee says while he was asleep, a thief ransacked his car, broke into his Ashland Avenue home and ate his food.

"I just heard a noise, I heard a noise and I didn't think nothing of it," said McGee.

McGee finally figured out that the bump in the night was an intruder who had no idea he was in the home of a Delaware County Sheriff's deputy.

"It sounds funny the training I had from the sheriff and police academy just kicked in," said McGee.

With his gun out, Deputy McGee went to work clearing one room after another.

"I could see that he was in here and I said 'Lay on the ground,'' said McGee.

It was dark but if the intruder had taken a closer look around the room, he would have noticed several sheriff uniforms and even a bulletproof vest.

"He started telling me, 'I'm in the wrong house.' I said 'I know you're in the wrong house, you're in a deputy sheriff's house. Get on the floor now!" said McGee.

Darby Township Police responded quickly and found the deputy's car keys and a knife on the suspected thief.

The whole ordeal caused quite a scare for neighbors.

"I went through all my nooks and crannies in my house and started locking everything up," said Francis Severson.

McGee says his training kept him from pulling the trigger.

"If it has to happen thank God it happened to somebody who could handle a situation like that but then again who can handle a situation like that until it happens to you," said McGee.

Meanwhile police have not yet released the name of the suspect.