Alleged fake pilot Philippe Jeannard waives bail hearing

April 2, 2013 4:40:43 AM PDT
The man alleged to have gotten into the cockpit of a U.S. Airways flight at Philadelphia International Airport had doctored his mother's old Air France ID, investigators said.

Philippe Jeannard, 61, also did not challenge the charges against him in federal court.

Jeannard, of La Rochelle, France, looked bewildered as he entered a federal courtroom in Philadelphia dressed in an olive green prison jump suit.

Jeannard was arrested on March 20th for allegedly posing as an airline pilot and making himself at home in the cockpit of a US Airways flight to Florida.

Police say he was wearing an Air France shirt and had fake identification. They say he claimed to be a 747 pilot and made himself at home in the cockpit jump seat.

He was spotted by a gate attendant he had quarreled with earlier.

Police say Jeannard was angry when he was turned down for an upgrade to first class.

His court appointed federal defender says this is not the big deal it's been made out to be. She says Jeannard's only family appears to be his elderly mother back in France.

She's a former Air France employee and it was her I.D. Jeannard allegedly doctored to make it look like his own.