Hundreds of items auctioned off in Berks County

April 5, 2013 3:38:05 PM PDT
It was the auction of all auctions as hundreds of ordinary and unique items were up for bid in Berks County.

The county and nine of its municipalities were doing a little spring cleaning at Reading Fairgrounds.

There were lockers, dozens of tables, a turn of the century hayflat wagon, scores of benches and a lot of farm equipment.

All of those items and more hit the auction block Friday, everything from prison desks and pianos to a radial arm saw and a pair of computer light tables.

There was even a road grader from Tilden Township.

"These items came from places like the old county nursing home, our parks department, facilities department. In many cases they have not been used for years or have been in storage for years," said Christian Leinbach, County Commissioner.

Items that had been out of use and collecting dust were sold to the highest bidder.

"We have jack stands, we have an eyewash station, we also got a police interceptor car," said

"We just bought it because the price was right and hopefully we can do something with it," said Vreeland Wood.

One woman purchased a couple of chalkboards for her husband.

"He does video streaming and things like that. We might use them the old fashioned way," said Mary Spangler.

While Richard Kohl was toting the chain saws he bought to his car, his brother was checking out a pair of portable outhouses.

"That way it could be his and hers but I should paint it pink then," said Mark Kohl.

Overall the auction seemed to be a great success.

"We had a lot of good municipal equipment here and we had some vintage stuff, something for everyone," said Dick Henry, auctioneer.

The money raised will go to the county's general fund.