Residents tidy up in 6th annual Philly Spring Cleanup

April 13, 2013 3:17:39 PM PDT
All across the city, people were sweeping, scrubbing, and tidying up as a part of the 6th annual Philly Spring Cleanup.

Nearly 45,000 residents took part this year at more than 500 locations.

Mayor Michael Nutter kicked off the spring cleanup effort on the corner of Ringgold and Tasker streets.

He was joined by neighborhood residents, armed with brooms, paint brushes and shovels

"If you want to help the world, then do it," said one little helper.

Those residents also got a helping hand from volunteers from City Year and Dow Chemical.

They cleaned up trash-filled abandoned lots, planted fresh spring flowers, and painted over graffiti-covered walls.

The Davis brothers may have gotten a bit of paint on the grass and on themselves but they knew they were taking part in something important.

"Because, just to get this place cleaned," said Jayden Davis.

"I feel like I'm not the only one that wants to clean up the neighborhood and everyone wants to help out," said Jamar Davis.

Although their efforts likely resulted in some laundry challenges, their mom clearly approved of their efforts.

"These kids have to learn you just can't throw things down wherever you want to. This is where we live we have to keep it beautiful," said Sharita Davis.

City Year volunteers, who provide learning support in neighborhood schools, say the cleanup is a natural extension of what they do every day.

"We show that we care about the neighborhoods that we work in, we care about the neighborhoods that our students learn in. Cleaning them up makes everyone feel better about the neighborhood," said Simon Miller.

Although the Philly Spring Cleanup is one day a year, the hope is that residents will keep up the good work and keep their neighborhoods beautiful all year long.