Local terrorism expert weighs in on the Boston bombings

April 19, 2013 2:27:14 PM PDT
"These are killers," said terrorism expert Ed Turzanski. "The Chechens have a very bloody history in the past few decades not just in this country but other countries."

Turzanski has an extensive anti-terrorism and U.S. intelligence background. And he is a scholar at Lasalle's Foreign Policy Research Institute.

"Chechens are ferocious fighters and have been fighting in many places where the Islamist movement considers itself to be at war with the West," said Turzanski.

But it's still not clear what the motivation is behind the alleged terrorist brothers or what network, if any, they are part of.

Turzanski says it does seem odd they spent so much time in one community and never tried to conceal their identity. He questions the steps they took after the bombing.

"Something has gone very wrong with this operation," he said. "Either the people responsible for removing them failed them, or else they intended to stay and commit as much carnage as they could."

Turzanski also agrees shutting down Boston is not an overreaction since there are still so many questions about what they could have planned next.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey agrees.

"I think it was the right decision," Ramsey told Action News. "There's no question in mind. They acted very quickly and decisively. And I applaud them for that. It was the right decision, no question about it."