Students say Philadelphia teacher made inappropriate comments

Sumo Dukulah

April 29, 2013 9:20:38 PM PDT
A Philadelphia elementary school is dealing with the possibility that a sex offender was on its faculty and Action News has found out that students complained about him months ago.

Leslie P. Hill School teacher Sumo Dukulah was arrested last week accused of raping a child relative for 8 years.

On Monday night, it was learned he's been on the radar of parents and the school district for months.

"A pedophile will continue on until they're exposed. They exposed him," parent Dawn Hawkins said.

Hawkins is referring to a group of students from his 7th grade glass.

Hawkins and fellow parent Larry Dockwood say at the end of January they got a call from the vice principal of the Strawberry Mansion school.

He told them their sons and five other teenage boys had come forward to complain about Dukulah.

They say he was constantly putting his hands on them and making inappropriate comments, some sexual in nature.

"We were talking if we go as two people or three people they won't believe us, if we go as a big group, they will believe us," one of the students told Action News.

It appears they did.

The boys' parents say Dukulah was suspended, but for only a week.

At first, Dockwood thought Dukulah's tough teaching style was being misunderstood by his son.

"Now, I look at it and remember the expressions on my son's face when he was telling me this and how serious it really is," Dockwood said.

At this point, investigators don't believe Dukulah sexually abused any of his students.

"Suspension is not enough. Once sexual comments come out, that's a bye-bye, you don't let them come back," Hawkins said.

The school district says Dukulah who had been on the job for two years would have been removed if it thought he had done anything criminal.

SVU is still investigating this case.