Car flipped over at rowdy West Chester party

May 6, 2013 6:30:00 AM PDT
A party involving young adults, including students from West Chester University, got out of control and a car was overturned.

It all began around noon Saturday along the 400 block of South Walnut Street.

The revelers are caught on video chanting, then starting to scream as some young adults flipped the vehicle over.

The 2002 Trans Am Grand Prix was uprooted onto its side.

"They're like 'I'm going to flip this thing,' and I said, 'You better not.' But they did. I couldn't stop them," said Mike Clauss.

The car owner, who did not want to be identified, says his father recently died. The Grand Prix that the suspect's tossed like a piece of tin was a gift from him.

"He died of cancer and it was his car. He gave it to me and told me I could have it before he died, and they flipped it," he said.

Even more so, this weekend would have been his parent's 27th wedding anniversary.

"It's pretty terrible, they're selfish people," said the car owner.

The victim admits he was one of many who paid $15 to get into the party, but left when police arrived.

West Chester police say the melee was under control minutes later.

On Sunday, students who attended the party admitted that it got out of hand.

"You're supposed to feel safe, but not if cars are getting flipped," said Halee Feuerman.

The car owner, who says his wallet was also stolen at the party, hopes the people responsible get what they deserve.

"Learn their lesson and not be so destructive," he said.

Meanwhile, police say two arrests have been made and more could follow.