Bucks County bear now spotted in Bristol Twp.

May 20, 2013 2:36:04 PM PDT
Wildlife control officers have moved their search for a wandering black bear into another section of Lower Bucks County.

On Monday, Action News learned the bear has now been spotted in Bristol Township.

Phil Davies says it was right around midnight when his motion-sensing lights turned on. He looked out his front window to see a black bear taking a stroll.

"The bear comes from this direction and saunters across the grass. Then it goes this direction," Davis said, pointing the other way, "then it came back."

That account comes in the wake of a half-dozen or so other bear sightings across Bucks County over the past two weeks.

The bear was caught on tape by an Action News viewer calmly roaming a Bensalem soccer field and stirring up a lot of excitement around town.

"It's crazy, it's insane. Our kids play in these woods all the time so now I'm nervous about letting them go in these woods," said Rita Marlow.

David Aaron says he spotted the bear within 15 feet of his backyard Saturday afternoon.

He quickly grabbed his camera and started rolling once the bear went far enough into the fields behind Saint Ephraim's Catholic Church.

"I saw it clear enough that I know it was a bear. People walk their dogs back here but I know this was a bear," said Aaron.

The first of several surprise bear sightings in Bucks County happened on May 7th in Solebury Township.

Last Thursday, a black bear was spotted in nearby Hulmeville. Someone snapped photos as proof that the unexpected visitor ventured down Zimmerman Lane.

Wildlife officers have been actively searching for that bear ever since and say he could be on a hunt of his own - looking for a mate.

Officials say if you see the animal, do not approach it but also do not panic. Residents are urged to stay calm and back away slowly.