Finding the perfect bra

May 22, 2013 8:44:47 PM PDT
They can make a world of difference when it comes to your posture, your back health, even your total look.

Experts say 90% of women are simply wearing the wrong size bra.

All day, every day.

At Intimacy in the King of Prussia Mall, professional bra fitters like Melissa Charmel are trained to help ladies find that perfect fit.

"Most women find that their straps are either digging in or falling down," Charmel said.

Jamie Moore says she's constantly adjusting her straps and feels the pressure on her shoulders and here's why:

"90% of your support should come from your back band, otherwise your shoulders have to do all of the work and then that makes your bra act like a seesaw, [the back] will go up and everything in front is going down," Charmel said.

Charmel says the back band should sit securely on the smallest part of your back.

After a custom fitting, Charmel says the new style sits securely, offering Jamie more support.

"The center of your breast tissue should be between your shoulder and your elbow," Charmel said.

"I don't feel the pressure on my shoulders; it's just comfortable," Moore said of the new bra.

Liz Chuday found herself in a tricky, baggy strapless bra situation.

"There's space between her breast tissue and the cup," Charmel said.

Charmel says numbers aren't the gold standard. For example, her new choice sent Liz down one back size and up two cup sizes from a B to a D.

"All of her breast tissue is now in the cup and the centerpiece is nice and pinned," Charmel said.

Celeste DiGregorio wasn't wearing an underwire, which Charmel says helps hold the structure in place.

"If the bra is just sitting on you, it's not supporting you; it should be sitting around your cup ," Charmel said.

In the right size and style, Charmel says you should be able to take the straps down and your bra should stay put.

Charmel says a personalized fit can improve posture, help you breathe better, and even make you appear up to 10 pounds slimmer.

Even with all the options out there, fashion designer John Venafro from Philadelphia University is working to create what he calls the ultimate bra.

"Our goal is to design a bra that accommodates the encapsulation, the support and the compression," Venafro said.

He's creating a prototype that works during workouts, but is versatile and attractive enough for everyday.

"Fit is the absolute key. Fit, support, comfort, breathability and movement," Venafro said.

Again, don't be afraid to enlist the help of experts to find your perfect fit.

At Intimacy, they say it's sort of like jeans, everywhere you go, you're a different size.