Federal authorities recover missing Nazi diary

In this Nov. 29, 1944, image provided by the U.S. District Court of the state of Delaware, a Nazi document is shown. Federal authorities say they have recovered hundreds of pages from the wartime diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi party official and key adviser to Adolf Hitler. The translation of the document: "Dear Mr. Rosenberg! Gauleiter Koch informed me of his telegram to you of November 12, 1944 regarding the conclusion of the Reich Commissar Ukraine's shutting-down work, and the correspondence preceding this telegram. I would be thankful if you would also bring to my attention your reply to this telegram, Heil Hitler! The red "Geheim!" in Gothic script at the top means "Secret!" (AP Photo/U.S. District Court of the state of Delaware)

June 13, 2013 9:24:51 AM PDT
Federal authorities are touting the recovery of the diary writings of Alfred Rosenberg, a top Nazi party adviser to Adolf Hitler.

Homeland Security and Justice Department officials planned to join U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum representatives Thursday to discuss the recovery of some 400 handwritten pages from Rosenberg's diary, covering 1936 to 1944.

Rosenberg was executed for war crimes in 1946. His diary was among several documents kept by Robert Kempner, a U.S. government lawyer at the Nuremberg trials. The museum took possession of parts of Kempner's collection after he died in 1993, but the Rosenberg diary pages remained missing.

Acting on information received last November, authorities recently seized the missing pages after locating them in upstate New York.