Mrs. Fixit: Upcycling Old Forks

June 08, 2013

These ol' forks can be turned into so many useful things. All you need are a pair of channel lock and needle nose pliers to get started!

For a quick and simple picture holder...grab your channel lock pliers and bend the two outside tines forward and slightly out to the sides.

The two inside tines, need to be pulled back and slightly out.

Now, using needle nose pliers, curl the tips of the front tines so that the bottom of the picture has a place to rest.

To charm your dinner guests with a cute fork place card holder … just bend the handle around so that it stands with the tines up… you may want to slightly curl the ends of the tines for a more finished look. Then just slip your place card in between the tines!

For a hook or hanger…simply bend the fork at the neck at about a 90 degree angle…For a rounded look you'll need a piece of piping or PVC the size of the curl you want and bend it around that. For a more decorative look you may want to bend the tines .

Now using a metal drill bit, drill a hole under your tines and use that to attach it to your wall.

Some new ideas to transform those mismatched forks into useful items for your home! I'm Mrs. FIXIT and it's just that simple!

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