Bethlehem crossing guard told to leave gun at home

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - June 3, 2013

52-year-old Scott Becker has been working as a crossing guard in Bethlehem for 8 years.

Since December he has carried a firearm while working, but that came to an abrupt halt Monday morning, when his boss came to see him.

"Usually I have it on me, but he asked this morning to take it off while crossing the kids, and I have no problem with it. I don't want to cause grief for anybody. I'm not out to be the monster or anything. I'm just out to do my job," Becker said.

The issue started with a Facebook photo taken Friday.

The person who posted it questioned the wisdom of carrying a gun in a school zone.

Police promised an investigation.

Becker has a permit to carry a pistol. He says he carried a gun as a crossing guard figuring it could be useful if someone threaten the kids.

"That way I would be here as the first person to respond. I would be here right away before someone else could respond," Becker said.

Parent Dave Donio sees no problem with Becker's thinking.

"Good for him. I think it protects my kid and the other kids. I think it's a good thing if he has a carry permit and he is trained," Donio said.

But clearly others disagreed.

Becker says he will now leave his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson locked up when crossing kids, but will continue to carry it other times.

He co-owns several cash oriented businesses including a laundromat which has been broken into.

"I have a business to take care of too so I want to work with that to and protect myself," Becker said.

So Scott Becker continues working his post protecting kids crossing busy Washington Avenue minus his pistol, which he vows to carry during off hours.

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