Dozens of tires dumped in Wilmington neighborhood

WILMINGTON, Del. - June 12, 2013

Residents in the 500 block of Barrett Street say someone pulled up in a U-Haul truck Tuesday and dumped 50 to 80 tires.

The same truck was spotted dumping 100 more tires just a few blocks away.

A quick-thinking neighbor took down the truck's license plate number and called police.

The city removed all of the tires Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities said they will not tolerate illegal dumping.

"There have been several dumpings in the area, even around Burnett Middle School. We have now put a fence around it. We want people to know that Wilmington is not a dumping ground, that we have active neighbors and we have our police and L&I looking out, and we will lock you up," State Rep. Charles Potter, Jr. told Action News.

So far there has been no word on any arrests.

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