Save on decor for special events

NARBERTH, Pa. - July 25, 2013

But now there's a consignment shop just for party decor items.

The shop is in Narberth, Pa., and is called ReEvent.

Owner Valori Zaslow came up with the idea by combining the concepts behind her clothing consignment store, Sophisticated Secondz, and her event-planning business, Z Event Group.

Zaslow explains, "We can't spend money anymore the way that people used to. And these events, people have events all the time, and they end up costing us money so much more than we originally planned. This a way that everybody really now can budget themselves and feel a lot more comfortable in doing so."

For example, a vase was bought to hold flowers at one affair is consigned and can be filled with baseballs for the next event.

Boxes that lock and can be used to hold gift envelopes retail for about $100. Here, you can get one for $50 and then change the inserts to match the theme of your special occasion.

"If you have things that are at home and in your garage and you've had them for every event, then you can bring them to us and we'll re-purpose them for you," Zaslow says. "Then you'll make money because you're having someone else utilize them and the new person is excited becuase they have an opportunity to get something at a more reasonable price."

Add a little spray paint or ribbon and you can also personalize items like table numbers, candle-holders and more. And the staff is more than willing to help with creative ideas. Consigned items sell for about a third to a half of new retail.

And they even have consignment party clothes as well.

ReEvent's website is still under construction, so the best way to see their inventory of decor items is to call 610-668-1480 to make an appointment and visit the shop.

The location is 854 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, Pa., 19072.

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