SUV hits 9 women at Bustleton nightclub, driver flees

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - - July 21, 2013

It happened at Studio 98 on the 9800 block of Bustleton Avenue.

Witnesses describe a terrifying scene just before 3:00 a.m. after a fight that began inside the club and continued into the parking lot of the strip mall.

"It was a crime scene, something you don't think could happen in actual life," said Michelle Johnson.

"When we came out all we saw was bodies all over," said Nicole Brandofino.

Brandofino says there were about four birthday parties going on inside. She didn't know anyone involved and came out after the hit-and-run.

The 7th Police District is less than a block away and they joined emergency crews in transporting nine females to the hospital. All were transported to Nazareth Hospital and Aria Health Torresdale with various injuries. One is listed was transferred from Aria to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in critical condition.

Willie, a bouncer at the club, says a woman who was fighting inside got kicked out by bouncers then got into a silver Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot.

Police say men and women were inside that jeep when the driver hit eight women standing outside and then took off.

"It was a huge commotion everybody talking about shooting each other, fighting. It was all a women thing over another man, that's what it was about," said Willie.

Saturday night, a group hired to put on a show of Brazilian music waited in the parking lot wondering if their scheduled performance would happen and later learned it was canceled.

Meanwhile witnesses say police have a rear view mirror from the Jeep Cherokee they believe is behind this.

That vehicle was last seen driving northbound through the parking lot and then onto Bustleton Avenue.

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